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Montana Tech Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Display & Safety Regulations

Division II - Grades 5-8

These regulations are for Division II only. We try and keep Display and Safety Regulations in compliance with the International Fair.


  1. Living Organisms except dried plant material

  2. Taxidermy specimens or parts

  3. Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals (including embryos)

  4. Human/Animal parts or body fluid

  5. Poisons, drugs, controlled or hazardous substances, or devices

  6. Dry ice or sublimating solids (solids which vaporize to a gas without passing through a liquid phase)

  7. Sharp items (syringes, needles, pipettes)

  8. Flames or highly flammable display materials

  9. Empty tanks that previously contained combustible liquids or gases

  10. Batteries with open top cells

  11. Awards, medals, business cards

  12. Photographs depicting vertebrate animals in other-than-normal conditions (surgical techniques, dissection, necropsies)

CAN DISPLAY - *In totally enclosed containers:

  1. Soil samples

  2. Dried plant material

  3. Human/Animal food

  4. Teeth, hair, nails, dried animal bones, histological dry mount sections, and wet mount tissue solids

  5. Water and non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-odorous aqueous solutions, and edible oils

*A totally enclosed container is one that is constructed of glass or plastic and has a secure lid or top, or plastic films that can be sealed.

DISPLAY ONLY - cannot be operated:

  1. Small mechanical devices provided they present absolutely no hazard to viewers

  2. Class III and IV Lasers

  3. Devices requiring voltage over 125 volts


Division I - Grades 9-12

Please see the International Science and Engineering Fair display and safety regulations. Displays must not exceed 30" (depth) x 48" (width) x 108" (height).